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Get page insights and rank here:
You can find about Google Pageinsights what it is,how to use it etc from: Use Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze your Web page performance
Create a comparison table for blogger:

Claiming a Twitter username that’s already been taken - Testlio

Convert adsense code into blogger code:

Conver any code for blogger:

 Facebook social plugins: 

Find mock images for your posts from these sites you will have to have a suitable resolution screenshot in hand:

Tag your posts with keywords suitably like: your name(shortform),android/ios,android-app-review,android-how-to etc.

Play store badge:

At the beginning of each post paste this:
We only have non intrusive ads on our webiste. If you are using an adblock please whitelist us in the adblocker. If you don't have an adblock, you're awesome!
At the end of each blog post paste this:

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