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LoaderDroid, Download manager for android

This app is no longer recommended by us.
Loaderdroid is a download manager tailor made for android much similar in structure to IDM(Internet Download Manager) for PC's.It is a alternate to default download manager available for android that comes as preinstalled on all android devices.

Problems with default download manager:

  • If your download starts this doesn't guarantee a successful download.
  • No guarentee that the downloaded file is not corrupt.
  • No option to pause or resume a download
  • Pressing "retry" causes the download to start all over again.

How loaderdroid is different from native download manager:

  • it has the ability to automatically pause your download when your internet connection is cut off and later resumes on its own when internet connection becomes available which is quite a nice feature to have in india considering the frequent net cutoffs we have here.
  • There is also a feature that enables downloads in part thereby increasing speed of download to a small extent.
  • It also provides you with a feature that lets you choose where/where you want a particular download to resume i.e.If you choose wifi network as network you want to download from then the downloads resume only when you are connected to wifi network. Again a nice feature to have considering the rate of mobile data in india.

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