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Why you shouldn't update your nexus to lollipop

UI changes that were not required / those that require more finetuning
  • All the animations present in lollipop cause the system to lag sometimes especially if you are in the habit of not closing apps once its use is over it can be perfected via software updates.
  • The top swipe down bars has been integrated (in kitkat there were two top swipe down bars one for notifications and other for all the other things whereas in lollipop there's only one) which is not good in a tablet users point of view.!
Here it is pictorially..

  • Multitasking is better in kitkat than lollipop, as you can see from pic below, animation is good but simple multitasking is much better.
  • The integration of gallery app and google+ photos app was not I have to search for a new gallery app..crap google that was not required..!!
So I think it's better to wait for OTA update to arrive or stay with KitKat at least for now...!

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