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Convert any video to 4k

We no longer reccomend this method, a list of sites for downloading 4k content will be posted soon. This method does not produce any original 4k content. Just changes the resolution to that of 4k.

Important :
  1. It takes really long time to process.(mine took about an hour to make it)
  2. The size of a 4k file is very large and i mean what i remember this before you proceed...!!!
Hardware requirement:
  1. A working computer or a laptop running win 8.(mine was acer aspire 5920 running win 8 )
  2. Hardware spec need not be top notch....mine was 5 year old machine and its specs are:
  • Intel core 2 duo processor t5550 (1.83ghz,667mhz fsb,2mb l2 cache)
  • 2gb ddr2 ram
  • Mobile intel grahics media accelarator x3100

Software requirement: Cyberlink Powerdirector 11
please make sure your laptop (if you are using one) is connected to a power source. Mine switched off at the half way mark during rending and had to redo the whole process again...:(..
So enjoy with ur 4k video..!!!

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