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Nexus Bricked: Here's what you should do!!

Requirement :
  • Should haveWugfresh Nexus Root Toolkit installed on your computer [with all updates installed ( not necessary),Should wait for it to download necessary updates for your device ( If no net connection then also no prob just wait) ]
( To download nrt visit: )
  • You should how to connect your device using nrt, else, follow these steps,
  • Navigate to about phone section, while you are in the About Phone section, click on the Build Number option seven times to enable Developer mode. Then,go back to settings menu scroll down to developer options, in the Developer mode options, enable USB debugging. A screen will pop up on your phone when the program attempts to make a connection. Make sure to allow it.

  • Installing drivers :If the program and computer aren't recognizing your device, you will have to install software drivers. In the Nexus Root Toolkit, click on the "Full Driver Installation Guide" button and follow steps one to four. This is the most difficult part of the process. Be sure to follow the steps exactly.

  • How to find if your nexus is bricked:
    • You see a message "Boot failed...." on your device.

    • The device is not booting but is staying on boot animation screen for long time (>30 minnutes).
    • The device is bootlooping means the device is rebooting again and again  upto boot animation.
    • And any other problem that might result in your device, not being able to boot.
    What you should do:
    • Don't panic this error is 100% rectifiable.
    • if you happened to end up in "boot failed" message on your device after the computer you were using switched off halfway through the flashing process.Then you have to restart your computer and then boot your nexus into bootloader mode and connect it to your computer. 
    • Open Nrt ( Nexus root toolkit)
    • You should select change in your model type and set "select the android build you are currently running to the version of android you were trying to flash if you were trying to flash some other ROM, then just leave this step.
    • Then select "soft-bricked or bootloop" or "device is on or normal" depending on your device's current state and press on "Flash stock + Unroot".
    • you will have to either download a factory image and browse to it when asked so by the software, or let the software download it for you.
    ( For obtaining factory image for your nexus visit: and search for your device based on build number of your device... )
    • All the screen on your computer read and do as necessary (Most of the times it is "OK" button that you have to press)
    • The device should be back to normal after it reboots.
    • Else just let me know......!

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