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OnePlus One: Should I buy it or not!!

Image courtesy : Android Authority

One plus one, "THE FLAGSHIP KILLER" has arrived in india and as we all know, probably by the time you read this blog, is going on sale from december 2nd through online retailer amazon you can get the invite by visiting one plus one online forum or by visiting the amazon one plus one page ( ),
At the time of release, it was priced way lower than the flagship devices of that time. as we all know as time passes, newer and better flagship devices are launched by the manufacturers and the older ones get the much anticipated "PRICECUT" which is the time when indian buyers play a major role in their sales.This is mainly due to the fact that indians as we all know, value the money they spent the most. Considering this well known fact one plus should have launced the one plus one first in india, which would have changed their fortunes for the good.
But the course for them in india would be filled with hardship at least for the one plus one because now at the same price range we can find xperia z ultra which is now retailing at 20990 in shops and as low as 17885 in online retailers and also a few others.While this might tamper their sales a bit.It is certainly not going to flop in indian market, considering the huge demand it had in the indian market at the time of release.

As you migt already know the specs of this device include 5.5 inch full hd (1080*1920) display, a snapdragon 801 processor, 13MP rear camera and a front 5MP camera, 3GB RAM, for the full specs visit .

Why should i buy one plus one right now? 1. Because of its beastly specs (absolute beast with 801 processor and 3GB RAM)
2.Because of the price its retailing at especially for the 64gb model.
3.The 3 GB RAM provides with flawless multitasking.
4.Its not gonna get outdated anytime soon.(Snapdragon 801...common man you know why??)
5.The camera of one plus one supports 4k video recording at this price range i doubt if any other device supports that.

Why should i not buy the one plus one right now??
1.Knowledge about the service centres available for the device is limited.
2.Cyanogen will not back the devices in india.scroll down to intresting reads to know more..

Should i wait??
1. If you are the kind of oerson having bad luck or having a habit of dropping the phone you shoukd probably wait for it to establish the service centres perfectly that should take about 4-6 months
2.If you are ready to wait then its better to get the one plus two that is about to launch in sometime from now

Should i skip it??
1.If you are the kind of person who likes Amoled a lot then maybe you should see the moto x first generation before buying this
2.if you like vanilla android experience better, then you should try out the nexus 5.

Must reads before buying:

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