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Android Vs iOS : A simple comparison

The difference between android and ios is something beyond words can express. But in this article we will try to describe briefly at least some of the differences between the two counterparts.
                               iOS, as you all know is an operating system used by apple in its iPhones and iPads and Android is the operating system that powers all devices running on Google based platform. iOS is a splendid os considering its tremendous multitasking capabilities and how the apps in ios appstore utilise it...I am not talking about the smoothness of multitasking or the no of apps u can run at a is more of......huh.!!...just leave it....those who have used both iOS and android will get it..i.e in simple terms sometimes we run across some kind of a app crash in android, and when i mean sometimes it means once in 20 times and the frequency of these type of errors increases with time , the android launcher stops working or hangs when multiple apps are opened..... but in ios you will never realise you are multitasking, until you actually open the multitasking screen....!!!!
              Here are the multitasking screens of iOS 8 and android..!

Games are just too gorgeous on the idevice that you are bound to notice the difference of smoothness which is more evident if you are moving from an android device to an iOS powered device.
                      Well maybe this is because of the price of an idevice, which is at least 20k, whereas minimum price for an android device is 2k...well not quite even if you take a 20k android device you are bound to notice the lag but it will take sometime before you start noticing it( say maybe 6 months).when you begin noticing it, it is annoying just because we humans don't like to wait for least that's the case with me.
                Reading till here you will think that iOS is the best mobile or tablet os out there....well I would say.."NO"..well at least not for near future...just because of the fact that the amount of people who code for android is about 10k times that for iOS..just kidding ...iOS is developed by selected amount of programers..whereas android being opensource and hence can be coded by me or you ...that is if you are good enough for it...!
The apps on iOS are just tailor made for the iOS device and hence perform significantly better as compared to a native android app...let's take for an example the penultimate app, which is one of a kind note taking app available exclusively for ios users...if ever android would have such an app it would never be as good as the ios app..just because of smoothness of iOS as a whole .thumbs up goes to evernote for the app by the way...!!
                       The thing that we all know is that we depend more on Google services nowadays than anything else. Hence it will be difficult to overcome the authority Google has over mobile and tablet devices...!!
Definitely the variety and amount of apps in Google play store is just too good for iOS app store..for eg there is atleast 2 apps for anything you search for in the play store that work whereas in iOS there may not be a single app for some purposes...!!
The true beauty of android is that its just so flexible for eg it allows you to connect a external harddisk to you mobile or tablet device, whereas Apple doesn't allow you to connect external storage devices to your idevice. Frankly speaking I don't know why iOS devices sells so much I own an iPad myself I like it for the tablet form factor and never would opt for it from mobile device category.for example in an idevice, you have to double tap the home button for multitasking menu whereas in android you get on screen button, it is just so much better for fingers than the physical button found on just hard to explain how iOS is much weaker compared to android .some would read this and say like "hey man these are things I already knew"
                     Well there are many more advantages for android over ios....frankly speaking ..i cant find the right words to express it .....but, whenever I do find some words to describe them you will be the first to know...!!for now this is all I've got..!!


  1. Good Post.! Kudos.

    1. Thnx..don't forget to share this among your friends..!!

  2. I think the lagginess part is a thing of the past, as well as gamma thing too.. We left behind lagginess at kitkat itself. The lollipop is more refined. Dude have you used that thing it like gave new life to my dying n4

    1. Laginess is a part of android it just takes some time to be visible to a normal user..!!

  3. Hey Vishnu! Good job with the article. Android is an open-source and that is the reason why you can customize a lot in android but, In iOS it is closed platform so that you can not customize unless jailbreak. In Android Access and complete control over your device is available and you can unlock the bootloader whereas In iOS complete control over your device is not available. You can check out this article if you'd like to know more about android features.