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NoRoot Firewall: a firewall app for android [Updated 2017]

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Living in a world capped by data, the need for conserving it is more important than ever before. In today's post, we will essentially be reviewing a firewall application for android that lets you control the data flow from your device. It has been around for sometime, but, may have skipped your radar. The app is named NoRoot Firewall
for each app that connects to internet on an android device, the user is required to grant a special permission called Network Access before installing it.
But have you ever thought about what it does using this permission granted by you?
Granting the permission means that the app is now free to connect to the internet whenever it wants, even in the background and android by default provides no method to restrict individual apps from using this permission; except for the background data restriction on an per-app basis, that came into being in later versions of android.

The app basically lets you control network trafffic from your device.
As the name suggests, the app can be installed on any device; and is ad free, which is excellent!
The app allows you to restrict installed applications from accessing internet unless explicitly granted by you. It asks you when an app tries to access the internet, its up to you to decide whether to allow it or not.

An imminent use-case scenario

  • What if you want to block Facebook from connecting to internet and firing notifications at you on a particular day, this app let's you do exactly that.
  • Lets say you want to download something from the internet and you don't want any other app using the net while its downloading, this app let's you do exactly this.
Further details on how to get started can be found here.

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