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NoRoot Firewall, Firewall for android

Nowdays all smartphone users use data plans on their devices more often than ever before.So,today we are going to review an app that helps you to conserve your previous data. The app we are going to talk about today is NoRoot Firewall.As we all know all apps in the app store has permissions that appear when you press on install button for an app in the play store. we have to press accept in the appearing window in order to proceed to installation of an app. Seldom do we read about permissions an app uses.Lets just leave the talk about permissions of an app for now.
 For each app that connects to the internet on an android device it has a special permission called Network Access that you need to approve before you install it from the Play Store.
But have you ever thought about what it does using this granted permission after you install the app? This basically means that the app is now free to connect to the internet whenever it wants,even in the background and android by default provides no method to restrict this.I.e if you don't want an app,say Facebook from connecting to internet and firing notifications at you,you can't restrict it from doing so. So, Today we are going to tackle this issue using an app called NoRoot firewall. This app basically lets you control outgoing network connections on your device. As the name indicates, the app can be installed on a non-rooted device which is excellent when compared to other firewall apps in the Play Store that are only available for the rooted devices.The app basically asks you when an app tries to access the internet, its up to us users to decide whether we should allow it or not.I.e lets say you want to download something from the internet and you don't want any other app using the net while its downloading,this app let's you do Exactly this.Go here to to know how to set it up.

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