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How to get android lollipop look on my device ?

Last Updated on:January 14 2015 with How to get Heads-up notification feature

Why you should do this.....
  1. Just read this to find out why.... if lollipop is available for your device.
  2. If you don't have android lollipop update for your device and want to try how it looks.
  1. You should have root access and superusersu.
  2. For using this method u need to install xposed installer.for getting xposed installer visit this .You need to reboot after installing it.
  3. You need to be running Google now launcher.for downloading it visit this.
Modules you need to install
Lollipop navigation bar:
 let's you get the android lollipop navigation bar.

Xposed gel settings: let's you alter the Google now lancher interface to that of android lollipop.for getting android l look, go to general tab and then toggle "L launcher design" to on.

After installing these check their boxes in the xposed installer modules tab.Now reboot your device.

If you also want the Heads up notification that is present in android lollipop. Install this.

Now you will be having the android lollipop look on your device.

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