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How to use multiple whatsapp account on an android, blackberry10 device?

Today we will see a method that enables you to use multiple whatsapp account(with different numbers) on the same device. This method only requires installation of apps from play store. Hence it is quite safe to use this method.

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How can I do it??
What is ParallelSpace??
  • Parallel Space is an Android app that allows you to run multiple accounts of any app simultaneously on single Android phone. With parallel space, you can create dual accounts for any app.
Does it Require root??

  • No, You do not need root access on your phone.

How to do it??

1) First Download and Install The Parallel Space from Play Store. For Blackberry10 Users you can get it from by sending it the playstore link of the app .
Or, if dont have telegram installed you can use apkmirror link. If any blackberry user faces any trouble just comment down below.

2) Now Open The Parallel Space app, tap on the + icon.

3) Now select Whatsapp from the list.

4) Now setup your WhatsApp with new account credentials.

5) That’s it you have successfully installed two accounts of Whatsapp.

You can swipe to switch parallel space. Just go to settings and turn on Swipe to Parallel Space.

How to Access Whatsapp Contacts in Parallel Space ?? [Troubleshoot]
  • First Of all Update your Parallel Space app.
  • Now Try to access contacts through Whatsapp app. It might ask you to give Parallel Space permission to access your contacts.
  • If still, you are unable to get Contacts, Just got to your app permission menu. Then allow Parallel Space to read your contacts.
  • Then Switch back to Parallel Space Whatsapp and check you will surely get all your contacts there.

You can use similar steps two create the dual account of any app. I found it to be one of the best apps to create multiple accounts.

That's all folks!
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