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9 iOS apps

For downloading any of the apps mentioned just click/tap on the name of the app.
  1. Appsgonefree: Notifies you daily about free apps of the day in the app store
  2. Penultimate: Note writing app
  3. Pages(by Apple): Word processor for your idevice
  4. Asphalt 8
  5. Fonta :Add text on your images
  6. Sketchbook : Helps to draw on your iPad
  7. Procollage: Combines two or more images in any way you want.
  8. Photo Transfer pro: send and receive photos/videos from/to any device
  9. My data manager: monitors the data usage of your idevice.
The paid apps, if any, mentioned by me here were downloaded for free using appsgonefree.

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