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Must Have Android Apps (MHA)

These apps have been chosen from over a million apps. For downloading any of the apps mentioned just click on the name of the app.
  1. Xposed installer (Rooted users only) (Not available from play store)
  2. Greenify (Rooted /Non Rooted users)
  3. Bytes insight (all users)
  4. NoRoot Firewall (all users)[for devices running lollipop use NoRoot firewall beta]
  5. Adaway (Rooted users)
  6. LoaderDroid (all users):view the review .
  7. Todoist (all users): view the review
  8. WiFi watch (all users) (view review) / Wifi inspect (rooted users)
  9. Alarmdroid (all users)
  10. YouTube (all users) 
  11. Airdroid (all users) (view review)
That's all for now!
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