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Todoist, cross platform note taking app ( Best Google keep alternate app )

Ever wanted a cross platform notetaking app in which you could even add a task just by using your browser.Well, if your answer is yes then the app we are going to see today is for you.The app is named Todoist . You can also take it to be the best alternate to Google keep ....or rather Google keep is the best alternate to todoist...! Todoist is simply put the best note taking, task scheduler app in the the app store.It can anything Google Keep can do plus there is an added functionality that you can access you todoist account on any device that you have got, provided it has a internet browser if not the app.It achieves this by synchronizing all your notes and tasks with a cloud storage and making it available to all devices that you log in to using your todoist account. It is an innovative concept that many companies had failed to utilize or had failed to recogonize....So Kudos((y)) goes to the developer for making this app.
The platforms Todoist is currently available in:
  • ios
  • android
  • windows phone
  • windows pc using the browser
If you can't find out how to use it then just press the contact button up on top and send me a message via hangout i shall help you out..!!Its pretty simple for most part...!!

If you are using a mac or ios powered devices or any other devices visit their official page.
Choose your platform and download...its that simple to get the task done..!
Anyways its me signing off until next post....Bye friends!!

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