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What the release of one plus one means to other smartphone manufacturers in India

India, the don of all markets in terms of smartphone sales, is gearing up for the release of yet another smartphone brand....wait a minute is it ...yet another smartphone brand,.....or The Smartphone Brand.

Indians consider smartphone as more than just a device to make the ocassional call, smartphones means a lot more to us they are what drive us daily in whatever action we do, rather than a daily driver as what the englishmen call it. We in india ask to the smartphone what to do know whats up next, admire the photos taken with a mobile cam more than the pricy dslr's, at least me i cant afford it...even we decide on whether to go on a holiday trip depending on what our smartphone says,just kidding there...We as indians think a lot about each and every penny we spent.Samsung made use of this fact by advertising big big things and providing so little which we didn't know at that time and bought and suggested samsung to anyone who asked to us which smartphone to buy.
                                               Now the times have changed and we know what bloatwares mean which is evident from the fact that their bloat filled phones are now in warehouses rather than in our pockets.We also know now what really lies beneath your quad core, octa core and hexacore processors that a device houses. mearly having 4 or 8 core's serve the purpose anymore its how it is used that really matter, a thanks goes to motorola for teaching us just that with your moto x, which did pretty much did everything we dreamt from a smartphone so handy.
                                              The people in india who once used to go to a shop buy a smartphone in say... a few minutes and rush out with the phones later realising the mistake.. now no longer do so as they used to.Nowdays most people visit shops, just for the purpose of seeing the phone(how it looks) or rather look at their box weighing them while holding, just for the purpose knowing its weight and for comparing with the box that will arrive when he buys it from an online store.
                                                 Indians now know what nexus device is like to have thanks to nexus 7 2012 which sold at 7999 on flipkart. Xiaomi taught notch hardware needn't drill a hole in our pockets..but its miui was a little too much to what if you get top notch hardware like xiaomi and software like the nexus, now thats what i think the one plus one pretty much least what it is trying to do ...seems like just the right one.....however how much close the device will be to expectations is a thing we have to wait to find out...!
                                                Brand value is no longer finding its way into preferences while buying a smartphone as we know now that it is nothing but the number you add to the manufacturing cost of your device so as to make them feel premium, at least for the pocket, if not in its working.
                                             One plus one's release may not mean anything to other smartphone manufacturers at least for now, just because of the fact that it is released a bit late in india. But one plus two, if it comes to india will be a revelation if priced effectively and given the condition they don't sacrifice anything in terms of hardware with the same version across the globe.
A large part of their sales will be depend on what they do with the os...let us hope they make it a nexus like experience..,!On a positive note i am signing off lets wait and see...!

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