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Get the best deal for your purchase

In this post we look at the ways to get the best deal for your purchase from an online store or otherwise. If you are thinking of buying a smartphone or any device, you are sure to find this post useful.
  • Browse for the best price of the gadget among recknowned online retailers like flipkart,amazon, eBay etc. I know there are many other sites doing about the same things but I found this site to be particularly useful because it has only prices from recogonised online retail stores.
  • Google, teardown space gadget name to find out what really ur device is made from. Basically teardown of a device reveals what the WiFi module manufacturers name is, which company's memory module is installed in your device these things help us to determine various info about your device. For example the WiFi module can help us in estimating what the WiFi reception would be like of a particular device etc.
  • Browse gsmarena and search for the device, you are planning to buy, by name, for raw specifications of the device.
  • You should at least visit one shop which is near to you to find out the cost of the device in shops,Just in case you didn't know about any recent price drop that the device you are planning to buy may have had, and also for getting a hands on experience with device before buying. 
  • The most important thing that you should know is that it is better to buy a device from a shop or dealer rather than online retailer if price difference is less than 5%.I don't mean to say that online retailers are bad its just so that you will be on the safer side of things .
  • Choose online retailers for buying a device based on a thorough study. Always remember , if at all you choose to buy it online choose popular ones such as flipkart, amazon, eBay etc. And in the retailers select the right seller before buying for example the official seller for flipkart is WSretail. The online site you have to be most careful about is ebay as it is the one that has no info about sellers. If you don't choose rightly in eBay you could end up having a clone of the device you were planning to buy and will have to deal with hassle of having to return that product and wait for money refund to arrive.Always ask the seller questions like those given below before buying.
"Is there any stock left?" , "is the product sealed" "does it have warranty", it is better to ask these questions even if it is mentioned in the description of the product.just to confirm.
  •  You should be already knowing that there are clones of devices available online most of the times they are sold with the same name as that of original device making it difficult for identification. Therefore it is always advised to check specifications of the device in the site you are planning to buy from, so as to confirm the product you are viewing was the one that you wereplanning to buy.

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