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Blackberry Z10 : From a blackberry user's perspective

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BlackBerry Z10, was the first full touch based BlackBerry device, it was also the first device to run its new operating system BlackBerry 10, and there was much more on the line here than simply making a few pennies - arguably the company's survival rested on the success of this device and the BlackBerry Q10. "BlackBerry ,the company that created some of the greatest mobile devices before the smartphone revolution, has had some comical lows over the past five years. Its new Z10, is an improvement. But it's not a savior for the struggling company" is what cnn money said .But in this article we try to figure out what the z10 is really made up of and why it failed.
The one phrase that would explain part of the story of its failure is " The problem is there are no apps you're going to want to use" as said by cnn money. The app selection in blackberry world was not as profound as that of android or iOS.
"Apps are all that decide the fate of an os", well blackerry didn't realise it at first and "had their page torn on their own".

Despite all criticisms, the one thing BlackBerry can be proud of is its new keyboard. It's still the best available on any mobile OS. The keys are well spaced and touch detection is as accurate as it gets.
The predictive text feature was a one of a kind experience , which allows you to flick words up to the text entry field. 
Yet here's the problem. The keyboard is geared most towards BlackBerry's loyalists who have been terrified of touchscreens for the past few years. The rest of the world has more or less adapted to touchscreen typing.
While Google and Apple have been feverishly collecting data and acquiring tech firms working on cutting-edge technologies so that they can build out features like Google Now and Siri, BlackBerry has been obsessing over a keyboard and seemingly nothing else. And ultimately, that's the biggest reason people found to steer clear of its devices.
At last the phrase that defines the failure totally "Everything may be functional, but nothing felt truly fresh or exciting... !"

The good side of the z10

  • The blackberry hub is a good concept that i would love to experience on an android device. it would have been great if there was a launcher in google play store that could do the same.
  • The camera is just so gr8, in fact it is the only reason that prevents me from selling mine.
  • The browser is something other browsers like google chrome have a lot to learn from, it just seems to handle just anything that i throw at it like boss.
  • Real multitasking is something i love about its os and its the only thing i like in it..!!
  • The keyboard is the real reason why many consider this device the on screen keyboard is just gr8..that's all i would say..
The bad side of z10
NOTE: Don't know if the first 4 are problems with my device only
  1. My device literally takes forever to boot(5-10 minutes) which is frustrating considering that i had moved from a nexus device. [Problem Solved with latest OS update]
  2. It has random reboots, that too it reboots more often than any other device i have used till date. [Problem Solved with latest OS update]
  3. The device heats up more often than not..!
  4. The phone switches off after 20 minutes of gaming because of overheating if the network is on..!
  5. The lack of apps will be evident if you are moving from android..!!
  6. There are apps which are basically the apk files uploaded onto the blackberry world don't know why they did that. It is just so bad that it was better not to have them there.
  7. Its great that it can run android apps but this has resulted in some developers being so lazy that they simply uploaded the apk onto blackberry world.
  8. The battery life is not good ..!!!
My thoughts and justification in their point of view
How blackberry could have made it their greatest comeback
Well its easy to say like....They could have opted to go with android with a custom launcher having all features it presently has like the BlackBerry hub, the keyboard and all the Qnx security features onto it then the device would probably have sold like hotcakes but the reason I think they skipped it was because of the constant hanging and lag of android as an os, although BB10 didn't have any lag problems it had more severe ones..!!


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