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Why you should flash cyanogen mod onto your android device ?

 Cyanogen mod as you all probably should know by now is custom ROM that enables you to utilize the full potential of your android device not only because of the shear amount of customisation it offers but also due to a large no of features it possesses about which I don't know of yet.just for an example you can edit the software keys that appear on your I am talking about nexus device or any similar device that have on screen button here the picture below describes it better.

For an example you can change the annoying google now that pops up when you accidently pull up from home button for nexus device or any other similar device. The picture below shows the same thing:

Then you get a separate section in setting for personalisation how about that...

I personally had never flashed cyanogen until yesterday. Just using it once will make you think..'why didn't I try it before' .well there are something's you should know before u watch a video and start flashing ROMs . I would like to mention one thing here any video you watch will tell u something like 'we will not take any responsibility if anything happens to your device.' I honestly Dont know why they say that.cause i think the extreme you can reach is till boot failed which i got once when my comp turned off in the middle of flashing process and once when my Comp sleeped in the middle of flashing process in.but there were some things I had to already downloaded on my comp to recover everything in the worst case.I had downloaded the factory image and kept it in my I could flash it back anytime I witnessed any scenario demanding it to be performed . then when my computer sleeped in the middle of flashing process the software I used to flash namely Nexus Root Toolkit, it showed not responding window I searched the web and found no article to be useful finally before giving up I decided to restart my comp and give it a last try as the tab was now not booting and anyways had to be taken to service centre...and it worked when I restarted it and tried to install it worked and it was up and running so guys never worry at least in the case of your nexus as any error occouring during flashing can be rectified by using the nexus root toolkit from wugfresh ...if you experience any other error during flashing just comment below I will try to find a solution for it.!!

For all u excited to know which version of cyanogenmod I am running it is shown the pic..
Device I flashed it to is Nexus 7 2012..!!

It is the stable one..!!I am not going back to least for now.....

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