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Why you should try android 5.0.2 on your nexus when it arrives for your device..??

Google has already started rolling out the latest update android 5.0.2 to its mobile OS to all Nexus devices, and third party manufacturers are gearing up to push OTA updates to their phones too. However, like all new software releases, Lollipop isn't without its issues.

Android 5.0.2 has arrived and as anticipated has all bug fixes for all bugs that existed in 5.0 update for nexus devices.The first to get the update was nexus 7 2012 WiFi only variant which luckily I own myself. First of all I would like to say that the lagging of device which was existent in nexus 7 2012 with android 5.0 has been dealt with in 5.0.2.So if you are owning one without wasting much time I would suggest you to install 5.0.2 onto your device and check it out if you hated lollipop just cause of the overall laginess of the os.more updates regarding battery life etc coming up soon so stay subscribed..!!

We're still waiting for it to roll out as an Over-the-Air update, but Lollipop is available for users to install on their Nexus device, using factory images supplied by Google. That doesn't mean it's completely free from bugs, however. Here are a few of the problems i've run into so far:

Regarding errors that have been rectified
  • the screen flickering issue when brightness was dropped directly from 100 to 0 has been dealt with.
  • Now laginess is non existent
Problems that are still there
  • The mysterious android system window that is shown in multitasking menu whenever no apps are running has not been dealt with just as yet..!! That is..App switcher shows random cards: Even after clearing your list completely, re-opening the App switcher will randomly show apps. Sometimes it will even display system apps that shouldn't usually appear in the list.
  • Battery life is pretty much bad; apparently the battery drains excessively whenever the device is connected to Wi-Fi, partly because it gets near constant screen wakeup calls - where software running on the phone automatically switches on the screen even if you've locked the handset.
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