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Back Button, an app that lets you get on screen buttons on your device,no root required !!

Are you a mobile phone user who wants to have on screen buttons on your device, what if it doesn't require root access.The app we are going to view today is named Back button, it is an app that let's you have on screen buttons on your device. It is especially useful for Samsung android phone users and any other users of devices which still lack the on screen navigation buttons.                                           

 How to set it up for use..

  • First install the app from the play store.
  • Then open the app and turn on the active toggle within floating buttons tabs to on. It has also got a navigation bar tab which i have not been able to try on my device.
  • Then select the buttons you want to see on your screen.
I suggest you to select all the buttons (I.e notification , recent apps buttons, home button and back button).
This app along with volume button app would help enhance life of various buttons of your smartphones.

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