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Commandr for Google Now

I was really excited back when Google released Google Now. The thought of being able to tell your phone to do something through voice commands was very appealing to couch potatoes like myself. But I feel that it hasn't reached It's full potential. It's current set of available commands aren't as many in number as I'd like. That is where Commandr steps in.

Commandr is a third-party app that works like an extension to Google Now, substantially expanding it's functionality. It adds a host of new features, such as the ability to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell radio, mobile data and GPS, control volume, screen brightness, lock and unlock, take selfies send messages on Whatsapp or Hangouts and so much more. You can also use custom voice commands to trigger actions, like turning on the flashlight by saying "flame on!".

It doesn't require root, but as always, rooted users have more benefits. You can use voice commands to power off, reboot to android or recovery/bootloader, toggle airplane mode and clear notifications.

But wait! There's more

It also has tasker integration. With Commandr and tasker, the things you can do with voice commands are only limited by your imagination.

Commandr is free open source software, and you can get it on Google Play or the developer's website . But please consider donating to the developer, a 16 year old Ryan Senanayake.

Try it out, and tell us what you think. Is it helpful in your usage scenario? Do you wish to see some features added? Leave your comments down below!

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