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Facebook lite, nothing special

This app is no longer recommended by us.
Facebook lite, you might have already heard about this mini version of Facebook that according to them weighs light on your data plan. Today we are about to weigh just how light it is on your data plan.
Talking about the user interface it looks and feels just like old school Facebook app that any user who has used a feature phone, or their java app will know.
Well the UI looks old school but the data savings you get outweighs this eminent con. I logged into my Facebook account from this app on my GS4, just to check the data usage
In order to check the apps data usage I used an app named bytes insight which can be obtained for free from play store.
Anyone who has used java based smartphone will be familiar with the login and opening screen of the app.
Pretty neat and simple.
The data used by the app was found to be a mere 350kb for loading my news feed compared to normal 3+ mb usage. Definitely a plus for those on a budget in terms of data and in need of browsing Facebook.

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