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Smart Selfie, Take selfies with the back camera

This app is no longer recommended by us.
Nowadays, it has become a socially accepted norm, no matter how stupid you might look doing it, to take the so called selfies. Since so many people are seemingly in love with themselves and mobile photography, I thought it was about time to show you how to step up your selife pics.
As we all know the rear facing camera always shoots a higher quality photo than the front-facing "selfie" camera. So why even take selfies with the front-facing shooter? Because you can't see what you and your surroundings look like in the composition.

Smart Selfie, can verbally instruct you on how to perfectly position your device for a stellar rear-facing camera selfie. Before taking a picture, you'll have to tailor the settings to make sure the app knows what it's looking at and what to do. Simple things like the number of faces, orientation, focus, and zoom must be specified. There are default settings in place, so hit the "Change" button to adjust them. After applying the correct settings, flip your phone around and point the rear-facing camera towards your face, then listen. Smart Selfie will instruct you with audio commands like "left", "right", "closer", or "hold", to name just a few.

All of these commands will ensure that you get your head centered in your selfie, so just look good and listen up. While it won't help you get the perfect background for your high-res selfie, it's one step closer in the right direction.Just make sure you're in the proper setting to hear the commands.

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