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Traffline, an app for the commuter in you [Deprecated]

This app is no longer recommended by us. This was a sponsored post.
Driving out of home in a car these days ismore than the status symbol it used to be 2 years ago. Nowadays, most houseshave at least one car each; in spite of the number of members in the family andsurprisingly most people opt to use it for transportation owing to the largepollution on road nowadays. This simply means that more cars will travel onstreets which, at the end, equates to traffic congestion most of the time.

In a world where there is an app for nearly everything, why not have that dream app that would let u know about traffic congestion on your travelling route even before you leave for that journey of yours. Well, if you were thinking ‘If there was an app for that’ then the app we are going to view today is for you. The app is named Traffline.
Simply speaking it is an app that providesreal-time traffic information right on your smart phones and tablets. The mapview is basically just like any other app out there. The highlight of this apphowever, lies in the fact that it color codes roads based on traffic congestionin an area, pretty neat isn't it. Well speaking about the practical side ofthings this app provides the traffic info in the best possible way out there,which is by color coding roads on the map based on the amount of traffic theyare witnessing. As far as color coding is concerned, Red would mean thattraffic is really slow whereas Green implies a smooth ride. It sounds neat intheory and is true in practice as well.But the lack of supports to all cities hasresisted it from conquering the map section of things in Google Play store; itis really a great step towards developing "THE MAP" app for android,thumbs up to the developer.
  In the cities where traffline is currently functional, the app nails it… Well that’s the only way i can explain how good it is. The app is also crowd sourced via the News feed in the app, so thanks to the huge number of users of the app and the enthusiasm shown by them in sharing the places where they experience traffic, it’s just amazing,at least for now, compared to other similar apps out there! The app developers have also told us that the app is on its way o 7 new cities by March 2015,which is good news for the ‘Commuter’ in us !

Now let's look at the various options the app has in store for us
  •  It provides the users the option to choose between various routes based on traffic analysis provided by the app.
  • It also gives an estimated commuting time and average speed estimate possible during transit based not only on the distance but also on the traffic on road. Pretty handy in theory, how well it translates into real life performance, well, from whatever time we got with the app; we have been able to verify the accuracy of this estimation to be very close to reality, if not spot on.
  • It has an option to search for an area and look at the traffic condition in the general vicinity. Another neat feature. 
  • The app has a ‘Come and get me’ feature thatenables you to share your location with your friends so that they can pick youright from the place where you are. 

The app developers have also said that they are working on an update,which will include the Google's new material design for their UI.

Where doesthe app fall short... The limited number of cities where the app isfunctional has led to it being handy for only a limited group of people. Wellcurrently, the app is limited to, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad,Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. The app is available for free via Google Playstore and is definitely a must have app considering its use for the averagedaily commuter in us.

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