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Greenify: Setting it up [Updated]

 Greenify, a must have app for every android user. The name itself doesn't signify of what the app does, as is the case with most of the apps in play store. What is greenify??Why should you use this??..all such things were discussed in one of the previous posts (link). But how does one setup greenify, this is the topic we are going to look into now.

Step 1: Download Greenify from the Play store.Then open it.Press "ok" on any dialogues that may appear. Upon successful app installation, the opening screen should look like the one shown in the screenshot.
 Step 2: Now tap the "+" button visible on right top corner of your screen.The screen displayed will be as shown in the screenshot, it will have a set of apps that greenify was able to find on your device that can be hibernated.
Step 3:From the list you can select the apps you wish to hibernate.After selecting the apps you wish to hibernate just tap on the check mark which appears on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 4: After this you will be taken to a screen that displays the list of apps that are left to be hibernated.In order to hibernate the apps tap on the snooze ("Zzz") symbol that appears on the right bottom corner of the screen.
Step 5: If you are a non-rooted user you can either choose to individually hibernate each application by tapping "force stop" or you can automate the process by going to setttings-> Accesebility->Greenify and toogle it on.
Step 6: The screenshot shows the accessibility screen of Greenify for automating the hibernation process.

Note: Greenify also a widget that allows you to hibernate apps just with the tap of a button. It also offers a widget with the ability to hibernate apps and lock the screen.In order to lock the screen it requires administrative rights. To deactivate the device administrator status of Greenify just navigate to Settings->Security->Device administators->Select Greenify->Select Deactivate.

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