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Using Pushbullet: Getting it up and running..!

Pushbullet, is indeed "an app you never knew you needed". As the name suggests it pushes something, well! It pushes/transfers  every notification/anything between devices in which same pushbullet account is signed in or between multiple pushbullet users.i.e. for example lets say you get a whatsapp message in one of your devices having pushbullet signed in, then you will get the same as pushbullet notification in all other devices in which the same pushbullet account is signed in (you also have the option to select the devices to be sent to), the best part is you can even respond to a notification using pushbullet. Well it allows you share stuff between your devices and with other people, the former preventing the need for messaging yourself or something like that (Oh! By messaging myself i am talking about Telegram that has a spectacular desktop client).

The app setup process is explained below:

Step1: Sign in to pushbullet either using your Google account or Facebook account.After signing in, it will display a screen telling you to, go to to log in to pushbullet on your computer or another device you may have. In between it will ask for notification access(obvious).
Step 2: A blank screen like the one shown in accompanying screenshot will appear. It means that pushbullet has been setup in your phone/tablet.
To push something from here to your other device(s). Just tap on the "+"  button and an interface similar to that shown below in the browser will appear. Now head over to your computer or other device you wish to set it up.

The device i'm going to be setting up pushbullet in is a computer running Windows 8(64 bit).
 Step 3: In your PC go to Pushbullet homepage. Sign in from the PC, here also you get the same options to sign in.Select the same account that you selected on your phone.i.e if you logged into your phone using your google+ account, in pc also login in via your google+ account.

Step 4: Now go to their homepage and tap on the browser name in which you would like to install Pushbullet in. For firefox the link is Pushbulletaddon
Step 5: After a successfull install the addon, in firefox the Pushbullet icon will appear as shown in the screenshot. Each new notification will bring a popup on your pc. For pushing anything from your pc to your phone, select the devices you wish to push it to. Default is "All of my devices". You can change it the same way as you would edit the recipients in gmail app. After selecting the recipients, Just select what you would like to push file/link/note and add the file or enter the note or enter the link.To send a url to another device as a push tap on the pushbullet button in the browser when you are at the url you wish to share and it will automatically appear in the textbox provided for it.Then just push it!
Step 6: After a successful setup your account when signed in via the browser should look like the one displayed in the screenshot.The popup notification is also visible in the screenshot shown above.

The ios, android and pc client can be found here.

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