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Windows 10 preview : Perfecting the art of forgery

I've never been a big fan of Microsoft because of a long list of reasons that I don't care to list out right now. But after having half a dozen people tell me to give windows 10 a try, I installed it in a VM on a friend's laptop with my trench coat collar pulled up so no one would recognize me.
Being someone who is very hard to please, I had gone so far as to make a draft for this article with that image above well before I had installed Windows 10. But after a long installation process, I was pleasantly surprised by how little criticism i could come up with.
Microsoft managed to seamlessly merge the best of both worlds, the familiar windows 7 interface and the modern metro UI. But that's not all they did. The "new" and "innovative" multitasking functions deserve a mention. Windows now has multiple virtual workspaces that allow you to have different sets of windows open in each workspace. Every linux desktop environment has had this for ages, but better late than never. They also added a new and improved task switcher that looks like they copy-pasted parts of android's code at the last minute, and they didn't even bother to change the icon. Speaking of copy-paste, they finally added a couple of fancy new features to the command line. It totally blew my mind when I noticed that the command line can now be resized, and allows copy-pasting with keyboard shortcuts.
Despite all of this, I am glad Microsoft is *ahem* borrowing ideas. Innovation is something Microsoft has proven that it is terrible at. So why force certain failure upon yourselves when there is an easier way? 

Windows 10 comes with DirectX 12, which I'm not all that excited about. DirectX is Microsoft's most obvious attempt at maintaining it's slowly eroding monopoly in the gaming industry. But with powerful entities like valve backing open source standards like OpenGL and Vulkan, this isn't as much of a concern as it once was.

One of the things i liked the most about windows 10 is Cortana. While it is not as functional as Google Now, and nowhere near Google Now with Commandr, It's text to speech is incredible, and it has an amusing personality. With a bit more of functionality and the option to change it's default search engine from bing, Cortana could be a serious challenge for Google Now.
Despite it's history of being overpriced, windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade to existing windows 7/8/8.1 users. Windows 10 brings a vast number of improvements to the table at no cost at all. I don't see why anyone would choose not to upgrade as soon as it is available.

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