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7 cool iOS apps : April 2015

The ever-growing iOS app store is flooded with apps that never cease to push the boundaries for better user experience. For every category there are hundreds of choices to pick. Well, we’ve done some filtering and have gathered a list of 7 cool iOS Apps an iOS user should try this month. Just so you know, the list is not numbered based on any ranking its just a random order. Some of the apps mentioned here were obtained recently through the appsgonefree program. For downloading any of the apps mentioned in the list just click on the name of the app you wish to download.

 The apps are :
  • Telegram(Highly recommended): Telegram is a cross-messaging service combining the speed of WhatsApp with fluid interface and advanced security features.
  • Chemio : It can be considered as a must have for the chemistry lover or learner.I account it as the ultimate reference for chemistry learning chaps.Speaking about its layout it essentially has a tabbed layout having 4 tabs which account for periodic table, solubility table, molar calculator and the last one for atomic model.Each of the 4 tabs have been shown in the following screenshots. Getting around in the app is as easy as 123, so not gonna write about it here. Anyway if you need any help, thats what the comment section is there for. I badly wanted such an app when i was in high school .But sadly got my hands on this one now only..So make full use of it i.e.if you see this post before the app goes paid again.I got it for free. 

  • Solve: Another brilliant app i got for free. Its basically a calculator in the looks but offers much more than the basic functions we expect from the calculator. It is basically four calculators clubbed into one and it has a graphing tools,a precision adjusting tool and the list does seem to end. Every day this calculator throws at you something new it seems. So rush before it goes back to being paid again.
  • Snapseed: It is an app with the power and control of professional photo editing software, previously only available on the desktop. 
  • Pushbullet: The app allows you to share notes/photos/links between any device you've got.
  • IF by IFTTT : An app that allows you to automate certain things. Can't talk more on it review and How-to in the works so stay subscribed.
  • Djay 2 (free App of the week) Helps you monitor your internet speed.
Reviews of non-reviewed apps are in the works. If you want to stay updated on such cool apps gone free and those kind of those subscribe to us via email or just turn notifications on for Appchoose in google+. Do leave a comment below if this list helped Do follow us on google+ for discovering more of such apps from iOS app world thats soon to follow..!!
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