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Colissa, Mobile livestreaming app for android

Mobile live streaming had found a home in Periscope for IOS. Periscope has already proved itself invaluable for citizen journalists.

"Jeff Howe, a journalism professor at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and was used to great effect during the fire that broke out in New York’s East Village last week" 
mentions guardian in their post on the app.

While IOS users have had been using it for the last three weeks the android perks were busy developing it for us, the result has found its way into the play store named Colissa. In the app description in play store it says
"The app was developed by indie developers in just one week. It's still being developed and it's normal to encounter some problems".

The basic layout essentially consists of a 3 tabbed layout with the left most one for the live streaming newsfeed, the second from left for streaming live and the third one housing the about pane.

That's all for now!
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