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Leather back of LG G4 has a 12 week manufacturing process. Explained with exclusive photos.

The LG G4 featuring a leather back is nothing new, but did you know that the manufacturing process for the back cover is a 12 week process? LG has outlined some additional information on the leather they selected for the back along with some details on the production process.
The creation time for the LG G4 backs is more than 10 times that of the competition, which averages around four days. LG uses only the highest quality cow leather that they can find, with a pore size of only 0.001 micrometer.

In addition, LG Electronics is to increase the resistance to moisture and heat disadvantages of the 'leather', was a good quality leather material and the strength of the ship significantly higher durability through the finishing process. 

Cow skin layer of the skin is recognized as among the most luxurious and expensive area in luxury leather goods.G4 leather back cover takes a manufacturing process of a total of 12 weeks. Quality to make the final product from the supply of good leather back cover, competition among the core process takes time even more than 10 times the normal rear cover of the production period (4 days). LG Electronics has added a lot of handmade work here. Working directly for sewing leather stitching, and a coating material so that the rim all unravel need a lot of hand by hand, such as paint.
Details & Pics courtesy  :  LG Korea 

LG G4 teasers were released earlier today. Go here to check those out.

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