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7 Must have Xposed modules for Android (rooted users only)

Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs .Ranging from visual to technical mods, with it you will be able to install over 500 modules on your Android device that will surely enhance your user experience!
The list is not numbered based on any ranking its just a random order.  These apps have been choosen based on usability and efficiency of these apps. Tapping on app name in the list takes you to the respective xposed module repository where you can download the apk from.

Prerequisites: Xposed installer  (Not available from play store)(Link updated regularly). For other versions visit:Xposedinstaller .For more about xposed installer and how to install this link might prove helpful.
How to use it:
  1. Download and install
  2. Activate in xposed, then reboot
The modules are:
  1.  Battery Stats Plus  :It detects and notifies battery draining apps. It collects and analyzes battery usage per app basic on your Android devices.Usage attributes include CPU, CPU foreground, network, GPS, sensor, wake lock, and battery information. Statistic data is optionally uploaded on our cloud and shared with other users for comparison.
  2. Network Speed monitor: Displays network speeds on the status bar.
  3. Swipeback 2: adds global swipe back gesture to your Android phone or tablet.
  4. statusbar scroll to top :Tap the status bar to scroll to the top of lists.
  5. Whatsapp Mods: Adds useful modifications to WhatsApp. It removes voice and/or camera buttons from the conversation view. Highlight group conversations in a custom color in the main chat list.
  6. WhatsappX: Per Contact Wallpape, Lock selected chats with pin-protection.
  7. Yourtube: Change the default YouTube pane, Change the maximum default YouTube stream resolution.
Compatible with the latest YouTube version (10.14.56). It Will not work on previous YouTube versions.
Reviews of non-reviewed apps are in the works. Do leave a comment if this list helped you. For more of such must have apps visit here. Do follow us on google+ for discovering more on android app world thats soon to follow..!!
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