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Setting it up: Noroot firewall

Each app that connects to the internet on your Android device has a special permission called Network Access that you need to approve before you install it from the Play Store. But what does it do after you install the app? The app is free to connect to the internet whenever it wants (even in the background) and Android by default gives no way to keep a check on it.
Well the app we can are gonna setup today is gonna let you control outgoing network connections on your device.The app is named NoRoot Firewall and can be installed on a non-rooted device which is quite excellent when compared to other firewall apps in the Play Store that are only available for the rooted devices.

This app can help you prevent ota updates from downloading automatically on a nexus device.
The app is avialable in two variants which are os specific.After you install the suitable variant we shall see how to set it up.The variants are:
Once the app initializes,proceed...

Step 1: Tap on the Start button to start the firewall service on your device. The app will ask you to grant VPN access and you will have to allow it to proceed.
Upon activation key symbol will appear in the left side in the status bar ( if you are using,which is the no root firewall app for devices running lollipop ).
NOTE: The point to note here is that no actual VPN connection is made. Instead, each time an app tries to connect to the internet, the data packets are routed through the NoRoot Firewall app to decide whether or not it should allowed to connect to the internet.The VPN connection is actually between the NoRoot Firewall app and your device. As none of the system files are modified by the app, it works on non-rooted devices as well.
Step 2: After you start using the app, you will get a notification message from the NoRoot Firewall stating that one/more of your apps are trying to connect to the internet. You can then decide to grant or deny the request of apps individually.
Step 3: Once you grant or deny the request for an app to go online, NoRoot Firewall will save the settings in its configuration file and you can review them in the Apps tab within the app.
All the pending requests of the apps will be saved under the Pending Access tab and you can review them there.
NOTE: Once a app is granted the permission, it’s granted for both – Wi-Fi and cellular data. If you want to change it to only Wi-Fi or cellular data for some reasons, it can be done under the "Apps" tab as displayed in the accompanied screenshot. Just uncheck the checkbox under the wifi symbol if you would like to revoke the access of using wifi for an app or you can uncheck the checkbox mobile network symbol if you would like to revoke the access of using mobile network for an app, and save the settings.

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