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5 ways to get paid ipad/iphone/mac apps for free

The apple app store is flooded with superb apps that are worth a download. But what forbids us from downloading them often is the price they come at. But wait... what if you were to get those apps for free!
Well today we are gonna see  5 methods to get these apps for free in a legal way!

Method 1: You can install IFTTT(What is it??) and enable
this recipe for getting the AppsGoneFree as a notification on your ios device.
this recipe for getting the AppsGoneFree as a notification on your android device.

Method 2: There is an app that does just that! Its named Apps Gone Free , it showcases FREE apps (including games, books, and Utilities) that have at least the potential of being worth downloading. I am saying so cause i have used a number of apps from app store which at the time of download promised of Quality apps for free, and believe me not even one of them meant what they said.

 Each day this App showcases about 6-8 highly rated Apps that have gone free temporarily. Often these prices drops last only a day or two, so it is worth checking back on a daily basis.

The apps UI seems compelling enough for what it offers except for the loading part which takes some time. The app does a pretty good job of choosing the right deals from the heck lot of junk apps that go free daily. Each listing comes with a description, App Store rating and screenshots which gives enough of an idea whether an App will be useful/interesting to you from within the app itself without downloading it.
I have downloaded close to 80 apps through this program and believe me most of the apps really work and are worth our time. There are many other apps out there that serve similar purposes, but this one is by far the most useful one among them all, and earns my pick. Go download Apps Gone Free now. Please don't forget to share it among your fellow ios users..!

Method 3:
You can also find apps that are available for free (temporarily) in the following sites:

Method 4:
Apppicker provides promocodes for free.You can find the promocodes here.
Appgiveaway also provides promocodes for free.You can find the promocodes here.

Method 5:
Follow us on g+ here we regularly post reviews of noteworthy free apps from iOS app store. Or regularly visit our page: iOS top free app of the day

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