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Workahol, ToDo app for BlackBerry 10

Looking to stay organized? Workahol for BlackBerry 10 may be just what you need. This lightweight management tool lets you keep track of your notes, lists, and expenses.

Its feature set include:
  • very small file size.(600kb+)
  • you can take full data backup/restore.
  • custom made context menu for quick use.
  • swipe navigation between notes, lists and expenses.
  • share any note/list/expense with your friends via BBM, email, SMS, Twitter and other services.
  • send any note/list/expense to your Remember app.
  • export expense to .csv file (viewable in Excel).
  • set dates for expenses, sort them by date/AZ.
  • set priorities for notes&lists, mark them as 'done', sort by priority/AZ. create list templates.
  • delete checked items inside lists&expenses.
  • current time&date in app header, choose between am/pm or military time format.
  • pick up right where you left off: the Workahol app remembers the last tab and sort you used.
Workahol is available for free for a limited time from BlackBerry World here.

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