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How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on windows/mac/ubuntu

Duplicate files waste precious space on your computer’s hard drive, especially if you have an SSD and make your computer’s backups bigger for no good reason. Here’s how you can free up some disk space.
The program we are gonna talk about here comes with a clean installer that won’t try to install toolbars or other junkware on your system. We hate that, too, so we spent time finding the best for you.

dupeGuru is a great application for this purpose.
It’s completely open-source and comes in three flavors:

The music and pictures editions are specialized for finding similar music files and pictures. 

Why the flavors:

  • The music edition will find the same song, even if they’re in different MP3 files encoded at different bitrates.
  • The pictures edition will find copies of the same photo even if they’ve been resized, rotated, or slightly edited. 
This utility uses a “fuzzy match” algorithm and can find files that are very similar and not just completely identical.

The installer won’t attempt to drag any toolbars or other junk onto your system, and it isn’t even trying to upsell you to anything.

The interface is simple, but easy to use open it, add a few folders or drives you want to scan, and click Scan. You’ll see a list of duplicate files, and you can easily select and delete the files you want to remove. Double-click a file in the list to open and examine it.

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