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IFTTT : Getting the internet to work for you

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Ever wanted to make the Internet do some work for you? The app we are gonna see today does just that, well, kind of.The app we are gonna see today is named 

Now let's see how it works, IFTTT works on the basis of channels, which are what it calls the basic building blocks of its recipes. Channels are things like Facebook, Evernote, Email, Weather, Buffer etc.

The ios, android and pc links for IFTTT are provided here. Once you create an account, you can get started building IFTTT recipes.

Let's see how it looks,

Once you open the app, the largely white welcome screen with a simple aqua if logo welcomes you.
The first screen shows the latest activity executed by the app(basically a notification panel showing the day's progress). On the top of the notification list is a banner showing most popular recipes and an option to browse other recipes.

If you swipe the screen to the left, the page leads you to 'My Recipes' that shows the recipes you have created. It gives you the option of enabling or disabling the notifications for the recipes.

On the top right of this page is a + icon which leads you to the add recipes section.

This section has four sub-sections: Collections, Featured, Trending, and All time. These are preset recipes which you can use to best utilise the content you want to share. There are recipes for the online shopper; to streamline social media; for video lovers; for athletes; and a host of other such commands.

If you don't want to opt for the preset recipes, you can add your own by hitting the + icon on bottom right corner of the screen.

The following steps shall take you through on how to create a recipe in IF.

To create a recipe, you select the first channel(trigger channel).

The accompanying screenshot displays a list of ingredients applicable for Tumblr channel.

When you select a channel, you'll have to give IFTTT access to your account, which usually involves either linking accounts or granting certain permissions.

Overall, this app is a great time-saver. You just need to have a net connection switched on for the app to run periodic recipes that requires you to be notified on like unsilencing the cellphone,notification in case of rain etc.

Well, that's all for now.
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