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Papyros, A Material Design, Opensource OS for your computer

Ever wanted an os on computer that adheres to Google's Material Design Concept, Well Papyros is a new Linux distribution (actually based on Arch Linux) in the making that will use the Material Design style from Google. There is nothing to test so far, but the progress made by the developers is impressive. Even if they don't have an OS to show for it just yet, they have published some images and details about this new distro.

The official site says "We are building some exciting features including atomic upgrades, powerful notifications support, and much more. We're leveraging the latest and greatest Linux technologies, including OSTree, Wayland, Qt 5, and much more.". From all that i can heard of it so far it is sure to be a heck of an os when it releases.

Intrested in learning more on Papyros then visit their official website
Want to stay on track with its developments then just follow their G+ community here.
Image shown here are taken from their official site and their G+ community.

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