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Periscope arrives on android, broadcast live video to the world!

Periscope for those unfamiliar, provides Twitter users the capability to do live broadcasts via their profile.

Periscope announced its arrival in style by reaching in a very short time quite a large number of users in iOS. It looked almost like a bomb dropped on the social media front.Rather the only thing missing from periscope's idea to turn great ideas into reality was that it could only be downloaded for iOS platform.This was a problem that affected a lot of the potential users from using Periscope. Meerkat app in play store was trying to fill this gap in the Android application front. Meerkat although was not far behind in terms of functionality, but was certainly not as popular as Periscope.

Periscope has finally been presented after a considerable waiting period for devices using the Android operating system.

The following is an extract from its android release note.
Android owners using Version 4.4 (KitKat) and above can download Periscope from Google Play. Periscope on Android has all the same core features that Periscope users have come to love: start a public or private broadcast, choose to allow comments from just those you follow, and interact with a broadcaster by chatting or sending hearts.

There are a few things that the app offers that are unique to Android:
The application features a Material-inspired design that should feel familiar but modern to Android users
Android users have granular control over additional Push Notification settings, such as “First Time Broadcast notifications” (when somebody you follow on Twitter broadcasts on Periscope for the first time) and “Share notifications” (when somebody you follow on Periscope shares somebody else’s broadcast).
Periscope on Android offers you a “Resume notification” so you can keep watching where you left off in case your broadcast gets interrupted (by a phone call or message)
Replays are saved without requiring the broadcaster to upload a file. This should save broadcasters lots of time and preserve precious mobile data allowance!

The official release note also mentions "This is just the beginning for Periscope on Android. We have many exciting features and improvements in the works, so please follow us at@periscopeco to stay updated."

Explaining the layout

Periscope app layout looks neat. It has a 3 tabbed layout. The first tab lists live broadcasts from people you follow in periscope. Twitter followers are not automatically followed in periscope. You have to follow them exclusively in the periscope app. To start a live broadcast tap on the camera icon right bottom corner of the screen. The second tab lists global live broadcasts.O. tapping on any live broadcast to view. You get to see the window shown next where you get to comment on the broadcast and also like it!
The third tab lists featured list of people to follow intially it lists people you follow on twitter who use periscope.
Pressing on the person's picture on right top corner of the screen reveals your periscope profile.It lists details on your number of followers, no of people you follow,no of people you have blocked and the settngs menu along with some other common options.

The settings menu houses options to turn off notifications option to autosave broadcast to your gallery.

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