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AVG Report Lists Greediest Android Apps

AVG Technology has listed the most resource-demanding Android apps, in its latest quarterly report.
The online security company periodically releases comprehensive reports detailing which Android apps have the most negative impact on handsets, taking up space, draining battery life, and eating up data. AVG analyzed metrics from more than one million Android devices for this report and offers a list of applications that burden your handset.
Spotify apparently tops the list, but it's not the only app that weighs against the device's performance.
The popular music service can significantly slow down an Android device when the Spotify app is open, but has no big impact when it's closed. Facebook, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on the handset even when the social media app is closed. As long as the phone is turned on, Facebook takes a toll on its performance, making it more sluggish!
When it comes to data-gobbling apps, Tumblr and Snapchat lead the chart, followed by BBC News, Netflix, and Spotify.

A number of applications also take up significant amounts of storage, and Spotify again tops the list in this category. The music streaming app is apparently a real storage hog, as it can use the internal storage of your phone to house up to 3,333 songs. Next in line in this department is Google's Chrome browser, and rounding up the top five are the Line Camera, Amazon's Kindle app, and SoundCloud. AVG also noticed an increase in dating and chatting apps, such as POF Free Dating, WeChat, and ooVoo Video call, which made it to three lists in this report: top social installs, top battery drainers, and top data plan consumption.

Speaking of data consumption, four weather applications including Yahoo Weather and Weather Channel now join the data consumption list, appearing in the top 10 data-hungry apps. Weather & Clock Widget Android, meanwhile, made it to the battery drainers list as well.

"Many of us take everyday practical apps like weather and chat for granted and despite spending little time on them, the impact on our devices is actually quite significant" 
explains Tony Anscombe, AVG Technologies Senior Security Evangelist.

"A number of unexpected apps such as these are consuming battery, storage, and data traffic without users' knowledge -- and, in many cases, for no good reason. So if you're wondering why you're not getting the best performance out of your device, this could well be why."
For additional information and more detailed data, check out AVG's report on the world's greediest apps and the greediest smartphone apps.

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