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Awesome Lesser Known Apps You Shouldn't Live Without

It's always nice to discover life-changing apps that aren't as popular. We have complied a list of ones that you'll definitely want to use; you just haven't heard of them yet.

Work Out Anytime with Sworkit!
(Available in both a free and paid version), It finds workouts suitable to your schedule, no matter how small the time frame might be.

Detect Traffic with Waze!
A pro tool for drivers, Waze (free) is a navigation app that crowdsources information to get you to your destination faster. You'll find out sooner if there are accidents, lots of traffic, or police coming up on your route.

Stay Safe with SafeTrek
If you've ever felt unsafe anywhere, SafeTrek ($3) is an app you'll love. It lets you hold a button until you reach your destination. If at any time you let go and don't type in a pin, police will be notified and given your location to come help.

Keep a Diary with Grid
Grid (free) is a perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to start keeping a diary but doesn't know where to start. The questions are simple but meaningful.

See and Do More With a Bigger Display with DuetDisplay
If you work from home and need an extra display but don't want to buy a huge monitor, Duet Display ($16) is what you need. It's an app that hooks up an iPad to a Mac or PC for an extra display.

Stay Mindful with Balanced
We all want to do enriching activities in our lives that'll make us feel happier, and Balanced (free) will help find time to make it possible.

Keep Track of Documents with Camscanner
Tired of keeping notebooks and old receipts? CamScanner (available in both a free and pro version) uses your smartphone's camera to scan any document to create a PDF in the best possible way.

Don't Miss a Minute of Movies with RunPee
Watching movies takes serious commitment including forgoing the idea of going to the bathroom. But with RunPee (free), you can find out when it's the right time to use the bathroom so that you won't miss anything too important in the film.

Control Your Computer with Unified Remote
Sometimes your laptop is too far away . . . and you're too lazy to get up. That's all right because Unified Remote (free) turns any smartphone into a remote. You'll be able to control your computer without going to it.

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