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Blackberry 10: Get paid apps for free

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The blackberry app store is devoid of free quality apps, but is flooded with superb apps that are worth a download but come at a price. Being an avid android user paying for apps that are a requirement is much of a pain to our wallet. Well, today we are gonna see some ways of getting apps for free from blackberry world.
Latest Update Feb 2017: All the below mentioned sites have reduced the frequency of giveaways and AppStalker has stopped publishing giveaways because of the diminishing developer base for blackberry 10. Hence we suggest you to download android apps through telegram. Stay subscribed for more updates.

  1. App Stalker - Get paid apps for free: This is an app that does just that! It showcases FREE or PRICE-DROP on apps. Every ones-in-a-while it showcases Apps that have gone free or Apps whose prices are dropped temporarily. Often these prices drops last only a day or two, so its worth downloading. It notifies you if any app price drops or it goes free. The apps UI seems dull enough for what it offers. Being the only app in blackberry world that serves the purpose it is bound to showcase junk apps that go sometimes. Each listing comes with a name and a picture and App Store rating. For getting more details like screenshots and description you have to visit the apps app store link. I have downloaded close to 10 apps through this program.
  2. The blackberry news site occassionally gives away promocodes of apps, so that's another source.

Know of any other way to get an app for free, let us know via the comments section below.
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