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Must have blackberry 10 apps

BlackBerry World is devoid of apps but it doesnt mean its all bad. Well in this post we are going to list some must have blackberry 10 apps. The first 9 apps are the built for blackberry apps and the last 2 are apps that were made for android devices but work exceptionally well on BB10 devices.
First i would like to introduce you to our new blog that lists apps built especially for blackberry devices, named MadeForBlackberry. All apps mentioned in our blog are free. 
1. FX Rates - Currency Converter Foreign Exchange
Currency exchange rates tool. Saves you the hassle of going to the internet just to find out the exchange rates.

2. Pulse
An all-in-one feed from 10 blogs, giving you quick access to the newest news, in the fastest way possible.

3. Password Keeper
The best password manager in the world. Password Keeper is an application to keep all your passwords, logins, and other information safe and secure.
Pros: No syncing, only on device secure storage.
Made by Blackberry!
4. Know Your Device
Know Your Device is a native app for BlackBerry 10 platform which tells you everything about your device in an organized way.

5. Parrot - Voice Recorder
Parrot is an app that is exclusive to the BlackBerry 10 platform which allows you to easily record, play and share voice recordings!

6. AIO Remote
AIO Remote is a native app (Cascades) that lets you control your computer remotely from your BlackBerry® 10 device with a huge set of features.

7. Evernote
A cross platform note taking app.
Tip: Helps Share and sync notes or anything between any of your devices(especially PC)
Alternate to:Google Keep, Todoist

8. App Stalker
Get paid apps for free. App Stalker shows you which applications that are free now or have just been discounted on BlackBerry World. This app had already featured in How to get paid apps for free!

9. Frame
FRAME will turn your BlackBerry into a digital picture frame to show off your photos. Cycles through a random selection of photos from your phone at a customizable rate.
10. Hound,
 A voice assitant that can even play games with you!

11.ES File Explorer, A file manager that lets you share files and folder using wifi between pc and also other phones!

That's all for now!
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