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Pushbullet’s new app Portal, transfer large files between mobile and desktop over Wi-Fi

Pushbullet has announced a new service called Portal, created to move large batches of files between your computer and mobile devices. Portal transfers files over a Wi-Fi connection between an Android app and the Pushbullet Portal Web app. When you first visit the website, you’ll need to scan a QR code from within the Android app; after that, you’re ready to transfer files as needed.

Pushbullet says Portal has been tested with files as large as 1GB.

The Portal Android app also offers a look at what items you’ve recently transferred, where you can also open or re-share them quickly and easily. Portal also keeps its own folder on your phone, should you want to see your transferred files that way.

For me, i'm staying with Wifi File Explorer Pro i got free via an amazon app store via a giveaway!

You can view official keynote here for more info about this app.