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7 Must have android apps: AMOLED Display Edition November 2016

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Because of the Huge Response we got for the previous post in this series, we have decided to put together a new list of 7 must-have Android Apps, that devices possessing an AMOLED Display simply should have. As you probably know by now, for an app to feature in this list it has to possess a pitch black theme.
For downloading any of the apps mentioned in the list just click/tap  on the name of the app you wish to download. All apps mentioned here are free to download and to use.

If you possess an amoled device you would be better off following our telegram channel BlackApps, exclusively for amoled friendly (pitch black themed) apps and this google+ collection for AMOLED friendly wallpapers.

The apps are:

1. UC Browser: This app poses an amoled friendly theme which themes/skins every website to a pitch black background. It is hard to find for a new user and also for most existing users. We also found the download manager of this browser to be perfect. The steps to enable amoled friendly pitch black theme in uc browser can be found here.
2. My Calculator: A Normal calculator with a pitch black theme that evaluates expressions based on first come first serve basis(not BODMAS).

3. Audiovision Music Player: We had already published a post regarding this app. You can find that post here.

4. Youtube gaming: A youtube client focused on live streaming of games. The main difference between this one and normal youtube app is that this one has a amoled friendly dark theme and a popup window feature(floating youtube window).

5. Screen Recorder: It is an ad free screen recorder for android with a game launcher and a dark theme.
6. Fast : Fast is social networking client for facebook with a pitch black amoled friendly theme. The best feature of Fast is the favourites tab that lets you browse quickly the posts from the pages you add to favourites tab in the app in a pitch black layout. Try it out you won't be disappointed.
7. Material Notes is an ad free note taking app that has an inbuilt AMOLED theme(pitch black) and having features similar to that of google keep except the syncing part. Overall a neat app to take quick notes on an AMOLED device.

You can find our previous post in the same series here.

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