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View Battery Info on Windows

Though there is an inbuilt command line utility for checking battery health in windows, it can be quite cumbersome and overwhelming to deal with at times. So there's BatteryInfoView (115KB). It is a small utility that displays all the details about the battery in your windows laptops.

The displayed battery information includes:
  • the battery name,serial number
  • manufacture name, date
  • power state (charging/discharging)
  • designed capacity
  • current capacity value,percentage
  • full charged capacity
  • battery wear level
  • voltage
  • charge/discharge rate, and more.
Upon using it on my new Asus, it displayed the details as shown in the screenshot below, showing a battery wear level of 90.5%, the laptop itself is just 5 months old! Whereas i had performed the same test on my trusty old acer previously which yielded a battery wear level of 70.5%, this is acceptable considering the fact that it was 5 years old then. Goes on to show how much the quality of battery in laptops have decreased over the years.

This app works perfectly fine on all versions of windows..!
For downloading and for more information regarding compaitability visit here.
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