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Best music App for Android!

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Finding a music player for Android can prove a task in itself. Nowadays it is near to impossible to discover the best apps for a task be it in any segment due to the prolonged influence of download count on the ranking of an app being listed. Well we here know that downloads count mean nothing more than a gimmick, since most users opt to install an the app that gets listed first when they search for something in the App Store.
The music player segment had become more stagnant nowadays, as most apps in this segment reached the brim in terms of features they could offer.
Well, a feature that seemed absent in this segment till date was the lack of a true docking friendly music visualization experience.
Not anymore thanks to Audiovision Music Player. It seems to made with just that in mind.
It lets you visualize songs through vibrant visuals!
To list out some of the things it does right that most other popular music players failed to do.
It has a storage friendly size of 2mb!, to start off with.
It has an awesome all black layout that's bound to provide the best audio visualization experience ever.
Double tapping on the music art/visualization screen will show the visualization in full screen so you can comfortably dock,sit back and relax while the app takes you through the ups and downs in the song via its vibrant visuals. AMOLED device owners will truly admire the black background for the visualizations it offers, while docking the device.

The visualizations provided as default currently seem to be adequate, with future scope for improvement, we really had nothing to complain about in Audiovision.
You can customize the visualization experience like for example a custom logo, beat sensitivity, etc.

Surely it lacks in terms of features like sleep timer, etc. Well you could find tons of other music players that offer those. But whatever audiovision provides it does it in the best possible way with no ads!

This app will work in blackberry10 devices!!
That's all folks!
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