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Flipboard, the only Social Network and News app you will ever need !

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Flipboard is part social app, and part news app. It gathers content from social networks, news publications and blogs and displays those content in a magazine-like format. The Flipboard app is available for all major platform out there.
Available on iOS
Available on Android
Available on Windows
Available on Windows Phone

You can even access it on a web browser. Users can create their own magazines as well as subscribe to the magazines of other users or brands.

Getting Started

  • Begin by creating an account. You can choose to either create a new account with Flipboard or connect your Facebook or Twitter account to the app. You can also connect to other social media sites such as Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and various other accounts.
  • Once your account is set up, Flipboard gives you a generous amount of topics to choose from. Whatever you are into, whatever interests you, you will find it there. It only requires a fairly quick setting where you can select everything you’re interested in. You can also conduct searches for your favorite brands or bloggers to see if they have magazines on Flipboard.
  • Click the next button and Flipboard takes you to your first story. You can tap to read it or swipe up to go to the next story.
  • Navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen include Home page, see whom you are following, allow you to search, show notifications and view your profile page. The home page shows featured stories from the categories you chose. The second button shows the people and topics you are following. It also has a tab to add more topics and to add more social media accounts. The profile page is where you will find your magazines. Here you can create new magazines or review the articles you have placed in the Read Later or Picks magazine. You can create multiple magazines and control the privacy settings for each.You can also choose whether or not to make your magazines public or private.
  • Like or comment on the content in your feed, or “flip it” to be republished to one of your own magazines. 
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