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Thanksgiving apps 2016 for android and iOS

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, today we will list some apps that will help in your preparation. Be it Planning for vacation travel or spending quality time with your family we have got you covered.
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As usual the list in not numbered in any order.

Evernote is a powerful note taking application and one that you may need. During family gatherings, you may learn about new addresses and phone numbers, good Christmas gift ideas, or maybe this is the year your Grandma finally teaches you the secret ingredient to that awesome dish she always makes. The app syncs across all of your devices( Android,iOS, blackberry10 ) and it’s all wrapped up in Material Design. You can even share notes with other family members if they also use Evernote.

Duo, Hangouts or Skype or even Whatsapp
Thanksgiving spirit lies in getting whole family together, which isn’t always possible. Sometimes this can’t happen, in those cases the apps above provide real-time video calling so you can spend a little time with the loved ones who couldn’t make it this year.

There are people changing their diets all the time. Maybe your Aunt has a gluten allergy or maybe your Grandfather needs to watch his cholesterol. Whatever the reason, you may be looking for some new Thanksgiving recipes this year. Yummly (Android, iOS) is a pretty good app, it has more filters than you'll probably ever need, and they are incredibly helpful for narrowing down search results. The app is currently featuring a collection of Thanksgiving recipes so you can find something to make for the big meal. It even lets you choose what to make based on ingredients you have.

If you decide to spent this thanksgiving travelling you can try out google trips (Android, iOS) which lists out various local tourist spots and rates them based on ratings by previous visitors.

Youtube we all have it we all use it. If you would like to spice up your youtube experience to whole new level this thanksgiving you can try out Youtube gaming, a little bit of searching is bound to yield quality live gaming sessions to keep the kids busy this thanksgiving. Well in addition to all the goodies that youtube has, it has an additional popup video feature(floating youtube window), a dark mode (AMOLED friendly) and offers an awesome live streaming experience.

Well if you are on IOS you can use Tubex. It is the best youtube client in the apple app store. Except for the initial opening time, everything else seems fine. It has got a video popup feature (floating youtube window) and it works great.It has has a lot of other features as well. The whole list of features can be found in its app store description.

Hopper (Android,iOS), an app solely focused on predicting the best prices for you on flights and flights alone. It’s this focus that makes it an app well worth checking out if you’re someone who travels more than once or twice a year, and it just got better with the recent update as Hopper now lets you book flights directly from within the application. Aside from booking within the app instead of being directed to the associated site, the booking process itself has been simplified as users only need to initiate a few quick taps and a swipe to complete the booking.

Uber (Android,iOS) another overlooked app for thanksgiving. With all the travelling you are bound to do during thankgiving this a handy app to find a ride from anywhere, whenever you need one.

Let's say you are a space lover and want to spend this thanksgiving learning about all the spacecrafts ever launched or just want to find when the next spacecraft will be launched from earth to space. Well Space Launch Now lets you do just that. You can sync the launch schedule to your calendar so that you always get notified when there's a launch round the corner. Well for iOS we found an app called LaunchTime that offers features similar to Space Launch Now.

That's all for now!
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