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Record device screen on android

Screen Recording in android can include the internal app audio or just the screen recording alone. Android devices running android lollipop and upwards does not require root in order to record their screen. Today we will share with 2 apps that we found for the very purpose.

Screen Recorder is the best ad free option for this purpose if your device is non rooted. It allows you record everything on screen its as simple as that. It includes in it a host of features like Game launcher, pitch black theme, a adequate settings menu. The whole list of features the apps offer can be found in play store description.
But, if you own a rooted device you can record the in app audio as well using RecMe. RecMe can also be used on non rooted devices but has ads and that is not tolerable considering the fact that screen recorder performs all its functions(in non root mode) with no ads and beautiful and fluent UI. Hence RecMe is only suggested for Rooted users.
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