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CyanogenMod is no more

Cyanogen Inc, the makers behind Cyanogen Mod OS are shutting down, much to the dismal of its millions of users. Cyanogen OS was truly a class apart in the way it was maintained, the update cycle and the mere amount of devices it supported. They have announced that they will be shutting down all its services, including Cyanogen-supported nightly builds by the end of 2016, CyanogenMod that relied on Cyanogen for monetary support and the shared source base, announced that CyanogenMod will also shutdown, but there is a fork in the road. “Community of developers, designers, device maintainers and translators have taken the steps necessary to produce a fork of the CM source code and pending patches,” said the company in this official statement.

The company has also mentioned that a fork of CyanogenMod source code will live on as Lineage OS. There is a new website for Lineage OS, and a blog post titled Yes, this is us, says:
LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was. To quote Andy Rubin, this is the definition of open. A company pulling their support out of an open source project does not mean it has to die.
It also mentioned that:
Check back for more information on Tuesday.
 We expect the Lineage OS, fork of Cyanogen Mod to go live on Tuesday.

In the official post they had said,
This is more than just a ‘rebrand’. This fork will return to the grassroots community effort that used to define CM while maintaining the professional quality and reliability you have come to expect more recently.
CM has served the community well over its 8 long years. It has been our home, bringing together friends from all over the world to celebrate our joy of building and giving. Its apt then that on this Eve of a holiday we pay our respects. We will take pride in our Lineage as we move forward and continue to build on its legacy.

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