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Force/Lock orientation on an android device

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Android auto orientation can run havoc on your media experience most times. Let's say you are browsing YouTube on your android in landscape mode and suddenly it shifts orientation to portrait or that you are browsing an app that lacks an orientation lock. Or maybe you wanna lock your android to landscape mode. The app we are gonna look at today allows you to do just that.
Set orientation allows android users to force lock the orientation on their android device it's as simple as that. It lets you lock orientations in the following orientations:

  • Portrait
  • Portrait reverse
  • Landscape
  • Landscape reverse 
  • And other modes normally supported by any android device. 

It's ad free and contains no in app purchases. 

Using it is as simple as opening the app and setting the orientation you want and your device orientation will be locked to the orientation selected by you as long as the app is present in the background.

It force locks the orientations so apps that are not made for landscape will also be displayed in landscape and similarly for portrait mode. The screenshot attached shows Alto's Adventure, an android game running in portrait mode. The game works well but the options and menu's seem to breakdown in portrait mode. So use it with caution.

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